Friday, October 14, 2011


so today i went on a nice little xc ride on the stumpjumper.

hit some trails next to my house .

it was absolutly gorgeous on my ride.

it just makes me so glad to live in so-cal, and to be willing and able to ride a bike.

it feels realllly goood to be out on the stumpjumper again.

i sat and watched it get dusty over the past months.

but no longer! i have the fire. src winter xc here we come!


bicycling for my health.

i recently took a stand in my riding.

the original reason i started to ride was to stay healthy and have fun at the same time.

but for the past couple months i sat and watched two of my bikes collect dust while my AIRBORNE TAKA got used everyday.

BUT as of monday october 10th i started an intense regimen to get healthy and ride every bike on a regular basis. from road rides through whittier and la habra to xc rides in turnbull and powder canyon.

im realllly taking this to a new level and i hope to stay upon this path....

ill keep you posted with my results.


Saturday, August 20, 2011

check it out.... free t shirt!

if you give a goood caption to this picture than you win an awesome new AIRBORNE BICYCLES t shirt!!!/photo.php?fbid=10150283438264259&set=a.385655509258.167074.300378139258&type=1&theater

TAKA review

i will also be in the near future publishing a full review on the TAKA downhill bike by AIRBORNE BIKES.

ive been meaning to sooner but now that i have rode it for several months and taken many a beating i think it is due time to let everyone know in our extensive downhill community what my take is on the bicycle.

ill keep everyone posted.


riding with neal bryant

i have the honor of riding with a team airborne flight crew member tomorrow!

Mr. Neal Bryant and I will be shredding up Southridge in Fontana Ca. on our Airborne Taka downhill bikes. i am SOO stoked.

Pictures and hopefully video coming soon.


paul 'the flying squirrel' rogers

local bluehills rider Paul Rogers will be competing this evening in the southridge 'night predator' race in fontana aka fontucky.

best of luck to the california state champ.

updates on his times coming soon.